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        SAIO-High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine

        Product name: SAIO-High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine

        Product Number: 1000

        Weight: 222

        Unit: 333

        Added time: 2017-03-28

        SAIO-High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine
        Main machine function
        Die cutter roller and rubber gasket roller adopt thick seamless steel tube quality refined but become,after fine grinding and polishing processing of dynamic and static balance correction.
        Rubber gasket roller adopt mechanical lateral movement,moving around ±25mm.Rubber pad wear uniform,prolong service life,and with the installation of repairing mold,can maximum limit prolong the service life of the rubber gasket.
        Rubber gasket roller adopt servo motor automatic speed system,make the rubber gasket roller linear speed automatic compresation,ensure consistent with host linear velocity,after the rubber pad can still be normal after the mold to make high quality carton products.
        Serrated knife is made of high quality arc,die cut surface level off is smooth,high adjusting box four knife synchroniztion,using the most advanced adjusting structure,traditional tool setting Angle of 90 degrees,our company adjust Angle can reach 180 degrees,operating simply and quickly,drive gear for alloy steel high-frequency processing.
        The machine in safety operation convenient and easy disassembling do aspects such as the careful design,guarantee the safety of operators and reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve the production efficiency,is the best choice of producing high quality carton.

        Product Features
        Technical Parameters
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