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        SAIO-High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine

        Product name: SAIO-High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine

        Product Number: 1000

        Weight: 222

        Unit: 333

        Added time: 2017-03-28

        SAIO-High-speed Printing Slotting Die-cutting Machine
        Main Machine Function
        Each unit transfers automatically,roll to roll printing.
        Frequency control of motor speed--save energy.
        Computer control store orders,changing orders fast and convenient,all the control systems adopt PLC touch screen,simple and easy to operate.
        The adjustment of the forme:auto zero,auto version,clean version,memory function.
        Drive gear adopt alloy steel 20 CrMnTi precision grinding gears,automatic cycle spray lubrication system.
        Printing rollers,embossing rollers,guide shaft,split shaft all finely grinding.
        The gap adjustment of the transfer roller,embossing roller,rubber roller,anilox roller adopts the structure of the self-locking.
        The machine is produced according to the standardiztion of R&D,forme,roller,consumables and other vulnerable parts,standard parts adopt international standard,convenient to purchasing.

        Product Features
        Technical Parameters
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