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        Paper/Carton/Soft Plastic Film Balers

        Product name: Paper/Carton/Soft Plastic Film Balers

        Product Number: 1000

        Weight: 222

        Unit: 333

        Added time: 2017-03-24

        Specially designed for recycling waste  cardboards,cartons,newspaper,soft plastic film etc.With wide feed opening door.

        Product Features
        ●Automatic chain bale ejector for quickly and easily ejecting the bales out from the machine
        ●Wide feed opening door lifts upwards automatically when the platen goes up
        ●The ram will stop running downwards when the feeding gate is opened which ensure the safety of the operation
        ●Equipped with independent emergency stop for safe operation
        ●Equipped with Euro and U.S standard anti-rebound gate structure which makes sure the safety of operation
        ●Special ram guides design makes the platen not slope because of uneven materials feeding during compression
        ●Equipped with NOK seals that from Japan means longer lifepan of the seals
        ●Equipped with A.M.C. oil pipe joints that from Japan ensures the machine far away from oil leakage problems
        ●Equipped with superimposed valves that from Taiwan,less space required for the installation
        ●Peculiar combination of motor and pump with direct-crossed connection makes sure 100 percent concentricity,which replacing the common coupling connection so that extend the lifespan of the pump
        Technical Parameters

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